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Bean Scene Hafla  - October 30, 2009

This year's weird and spooky show was sponsored by Paloma of Lunatic Fringe and hosted by The Bean Scene Coffee Bistro at 186 South Murphy Avenue in downtown Sunnyvale, California.   Shiva performed her Gothic solo followed by Bahira' sword solo.  Then Aniq, Shiva and Bahira all turned into Zombies for Indigenous' version of Thriller.



Here come the Zombies!
And some of the other **Weird** Creatures who showed up:
    Zelina as Pussycat                                Sabiba, the Devil in Disguise                                                and Angel 
Safiyah (MECDA Secretary)          Zemira the Flying Dancing Nun                 Raks Halloween (Havohakeem)             Hostess Paloma   
         For the first time, Bahira joined the Thriller Zombies of Grave Mistake to give the Bean Scream audience a special Halloween TREAT!  Here they are getting their Thrill On  for the Bean Scream audience:

         Thanks, Paloma and The Bean Scene for hosting another successful Hafla!


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