Danse Du Ventre at  Splash  Nightclub  - July 30, 2009  


Ashley Lopez presented an innovative line-up of dancers, including INDIGENOUS, for a super stage show "Danse Du Ventre" at Splash Nightclub in San Jose, California on Thursday evening July 30.  The bar was packed with a very appreciative crowd that cheered the dancers on to heart pulsing sounds.  

Don Thomas, Friend of Indigenous shot this footage.  Thanks, Don!


 Here are a few still shots from the evening.


Wicked Smileys, Fabulous Pants and Lunatic Fringe displayed their beautiful wares during the show.  Thanks!


Dancers greeted friends and family who came to watch and posed for photos.  Bahara set up the video for capturing the performances and the show began:




Indigenous thanks Ashley for inviting them to perform and thanks all those who helped her make this terrific and fun evening possible.  Kudos to Splash Nightclub for giving dancers a place to perform and special thanks to Bruce for buying Indigenous a drink after their performance!