http://www.naiyaraks.com   Naiya & Numa'ir are a classy husband & wife belly dance duo with which Bahira has the pleasure of friendship and respect.  They perform on a regular basis at Menara Moroccan Restaurant in San Jose and El Morocco in Pleasant Hill. 

http://www.egyptsies.com  Mandella is troupe director of Egyptsies.  The Egyptsies are a Northern California/Santa Clara County based belly dancing troupe born of the purest sense of "Gypsy Essence." A troupe that values the connection of family, they dance through life together, enjoying the evolution of the dance that comes from the varied backgrounds of all three members: Mandella, Cassiopeia, & Chéron

http://www.yolandabellydance.com  Yolanda: performer, teacher and former President of San Francisco/Bay Area MECDA. Check out her website for other happenings in the bay area belly dance community.

http://www.khajulah.com/  Khajulah is an exceptionally graceful dancer (those eyes! those hands!) and exquisite costume designer in the South Bay area. Check out http://www.dancingdivadesigns.com/

http://www.MaiaRaqs.com   Maia has moved to the Portland, Oregon, area and is deeply missed by Bahira.  Bahira and Troupe Nambah always enjoyed sharing a performance night at Menara with the elegant and graceful Maia.  Many of Maia's costumes were created by Bahira.