Indigenous is not only a performing dance troupe, it is a group of friends who have fun together even when they are not on stage.  Wherever they go they bring with them the Indigenous brand of excitement and mischief.  And if dancing is involved, double that!  Here are some adventures the Indige-Gals have had:


Cougar Night Out - August 30, 2009

For a hoot, three of the unattached Indige-Gals went on the prowl at the first Cougar Convention in Palo Alto, California.  They had a blast and wore out quite a few "cubs" with their dancing stamina.  You GO, ladies!







Halloween Night

Bahira, Fara'Asha, Shiva and Aniq partied well past Midnight on All Hallow's Eve at the Buddha Lounge in Mt View.  Three Creatures of the Night accompanied Little Red Riding Hood to dance the night away.  It was wild:



We won't bite.....much...


Security kept a watchful eye on the crowd and Shiva kept a watchful eye...on Security!


Dancing, dancing, dancing.....we live to dance!


Hugs and Mugs for the camera


The Bartender performed his magic for a packed full house!

Aniq's Birthday Dinner

Aniq chose Dish Dash on Murphy Street in Sunnyvale for her birthday dinner spot.  Her closest friends, family and, of course Indigenous were there to step it up a notch.  Happy Birthday Aniq!


The whole Table.....her daughter.....and the Indige-Gals


Aniq found a great place to put the excess gift paper... instant boob job!


"Hmmm...I wish I was 16 again.....                                                     BLOW!       Darn those trick candles!"                 .......Her wish came true. 


Happy Birthday, Aniq

Beautiful at any age!

Aniq converted her garage into a practice studio and invited friends over for its GRAND OPENING.  Indigenous was happy to come over to christen it.  We now have a real practice space WITH MIRRORS to work on our stuff!


ADIRA'S Mardi Gras Birthday Party



Adira threw herself a zinger of a birthday party with the Mardi Gras Masquerade theme.  Indigenous was happy to come and help her celebrate.  An interesting mix of bellydancers and square dancers (both of which Adira does) danced to live music and chowed down the buffet.



Zephira danced a sword dance in her honor......         and then Cake Time!                        "Nice...umm...Beads!"


Sabiba                                    Adira & Zephira                                Setareh

Happy Birthday, Adira!  From Indigenous