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Mecda's Cairo Caravan on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California  -   June 5, 2010 Open to the Public

indigenous performed Saturday, June 5, 2010 on the Luxor Stage


June 4-6 was MECDA's 33rd year of Cairo Caravan featuring all-day performances on two stages, Middle East dance and music workshops and exciting vendors on the fabulous Queen Mary in Long Beach, Southern California at 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA 90802.  Over 600 dancers performed over the 3-day Festival and there was a spectacular Evening Show on Saturday featuring top-notch workshop teachers such as Amy Sigal of Unmata, Dondi, Mira Betz, Princess Farhana and Elizabeth Strong.

Indigenous had a fun time at this stellar California entertainment destination.  Premier Photographer, Carl Sermon of Reel Sound & Light used the beautiful Queen Mary setting for a photo shoot of Indigenous with the talents of his wife Ma*Shuqa Murjan coaching the troupe for the shots.  Here are some of the results: 


Hangin' on the ropes


Fara'Asha                                 Aniq                                        Bahira       


With a little help from our friends.....




You're the best Carl and Ma*Shuqa!   And we're not just pulling your chain - that's the anchor chain of the Queen Mary.  Thanks so much!

More photos of Bahira and Indigenous at Bahira on the Queen Mary