Bennuvian Bash at Menara, Sunday May 7, 2006


Alcina and the Bennuvians along with soloists Jamina and Hadiyah and duet Lamya & Angelina held their Student Night to a full house at Menara.  Indigenous was also invited to perform.


Shiva and Sevanti performed a duet as Fire & Ice and Indigenous performed their AmerIndian Set of four dances celebrating  "Birds of the Earth & Sky."


Shiva and Bahira opened the set with Spirit Medicine Dance using Indian sign language to tell a story.


 They then called in Sevanti and Fara'Asha as eagles to soar through the room.



The Sword of the Thunderbird and Raven Bones rounded out Indigneous' performance.


Alcina performed a sterling Finale and everyone mingled with family, friends, food and photos.


Alcina performing drum solo with Sword.   Indigenous poses with Mason.


Gerardo and Alex both got a group hug from the IndigeGals. Thanks for coming to watch!