January 14, 2006:       At the Bay Area MECDA Gala  featuring Judeen   "Passages - A Journey Through Dance"


Fara'Asha, Bahira & Sevanti     Zemira, MECDA Bay Area Chapter Treasurer, buys Mint Tea to ward off the chill from that rainy day.

Bahira (roping the Indigenous Gals into service as well) used her Marrakesh Express Catering services to provide Mid East food for the first all-day MECDA Workshop, Festival and evening Show held at the Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto, California.   Judeen taught a workshop in the morning followed by vending, open sign-up dancing and ending with a Gala Evening Performance featuring Middle Eastern Dance from various regions as it is being performed in the world today. The show line-up included Hahbi'Ru, Hala Dance, Yolanda, Shoshanna and Judeen, among others.  For other Bay Area MECDA events go to http://www.sfbamecda.org


Judeen's Workshop        and           Vending table

Indigenous - After a hard day's work: 14 hours on their feet