Sunday, March 12, 2006:  Visions of Spring Bellydance Gala at Hattie Porter Hall, First Unitarian Church of San Jose, CA hosted by Zora (in royal blue choli)


After a delicious buffet of Indian food catered by Pasand Indian Restaurant, the evening's performance opened with Zora's troupe, Rakset Wadi al Shems and they were joined by her beginner troupe, Sipurim.


Shiva (fuchsia veil) and Sevanti (silver veil) performed together as "Fire & Ice" a dramatic and mysterious duet with veil and floor work.


Shiva and Sevanti also performed solo....


.....along with Hadiyah                               a duet by Gigi & Donna                               and Perizada....


Saida performed in her new ensemble "Tangerine Dream" created by Zora's Personal Seamstress and Bahira's Beautiful Bedlah.


           Indigenous debuted their new AmerIndian Fusion set of dances entitled "Birds of the Air and Earth" which opened with "Eagle Calling" a fast paced trio of silk wings hand painted by Zora, choreography by Bahira. 


The second piece "Raven Bones" imitated a coven of crows scavenging on the ground, choreography by Shiva & Bahira.



The third piece, "Sword of the Thunderbird" honored the bringer of rain, choreographed collaboratively by the Troupe.



After the troupe set, Bahira performed a solo "Medicine Dance" incorporating Indian sign language in the dance to tell a story Medicine Dance Translation

                Be Strong         God is Calling All of You                 Daybreak                          Dance


                                   Rise Up                                     With Strength                    Cry No More


Zora closed the evening's show with a sassy solo in her "Moonlight on the Forest Floor" ensemble.