Hafla Santa Cruz, Saturday July 8, 2006 Pacific Cultural Center

1307 Seabright Avenue (at Broadway), Santa Cruz, CA  95062    www.pacificcultural.org
This wonderful event was co-sponsored by Masala Imports and Bellydance Odyssey Productions and raised over $2000 to benefit "A Harvest of Thanks," a New Orleans based non-profit organization assisting in hurricane relief, recovery and reconstruction of the South Lafourche and Grand Isles, Louisiana areas. The event was well attended and featured many Santa Cruz favorites as well as performers from nearby communities.  More information at www.bellydanceodyssey.com/hafla_santa_cruz.html
INDIGENOUS performed three of their AmerIndian fusion dances and was proud to welcome their newest troupe member, Zora, in her debut with Indigenous as Medicine Woman with Shiva in the opening number, Spirit Medicine Dance.  Shiva and Zora used Indian sign language in the dance to bless the room and invoke the spirits of the dance:
Zora and Shiva then called in the three eagles, Fara'Asha, Sevanti and Bahira:
The troupe ended their performance with the powerful Sword of the Thunderbird:
Thank you LULA for being the Troupe's On-The-Spot stage manager setting out the props and shooting photos of the performance.   THANKS LULA!!