MECDA Bay Area Summer Hafla, Sunday,  August 27, 2006
This all-day fund raising event took place at the historic Hoover Theatre, 1635 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA (Across from the Rosicrucian Museum) to raise money for MECDA's ongoing charity Next Door benefiting victims of domestic violence.  More information at  The event was titled "Polished Performances" and included all day performances by local performers as well as six workshops taught by top Bay Area teachers.  The evening concluded with a Teacher Showcase at 6:00 PM featuring all of the workshop teachers. 
indigenous performed three of their AmerIndian fusion dances to an appreciative audience on the elegant and intimate Hoover stage and hopes to receive some of the many photos that were snapped during their performance to be included on this website.


Here are a few photos from some of the other performers that day:

Zora's Troupe: Rakset Wadi al Shems performed a very happy, light-hearted set

Raks Jenna

Hala Dance Troupe


Lulu (Yolanda's beautiful daughter)             and                               Mashuqa

The Evening Showcase Performance featuring the Workshop Teachers

SABIBA (Entrances & Exits)



PARRI (Taxim)





CELENA (The Killer Ziller)



ALCINA (Drum Solo)



SETAREH (Audience Interaction)