Rakkasah West Festival 2009 - March 14, 2009

Bahira, Sevanti, Fara'Asha & Aniq

Indigenous presented its Afro-Caribbean Line-up of Mytho-Poetic Belly Dance in Vallejo, California happily debuting newest member, Aniq, in her first Rakkasah performance.  Carl Sermon of  ReelSoundandLight provided the following fantastic photos of the troupe's set.

The first choreography in the set envisions four sailing boats setting out from the harbor into the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean to the soulful Belizean guitar and voice of Aurelio Martinez. Each dancer floats gently out to sea and unfurls her sail (veil) to catch the breeze tacking back and forth as they cross paths.




Above: The boats return safely to port, sails secured.


Some Like It Hot!  A cheeky little Hip Hop dance


Below: Aniq rejoins the Hot trio for some VooDoo Magic to a Middle Eastern version of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition"





Below:  "Pemulway" by James Archer has the troupe jazzing it up African style



Below:  Samba! Ends the set with high energy

Power Stance:   Indigenous Raks!  Thanks Carl for the photos.

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