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Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival - September 17, 2011

Indigenous debuted its newest Mytho-Poetic performance piece to an appreciative crowd at the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival.  For the fifth year in a row Indigenous has enjoyed performing at this most excellent of the local Festivals.  The artists are talented, the entertainment is top notch and the food (& wine!) scrumptious.  Thanks for coming out for the fresh air, sunshine and dancing!

All is peaceful in the Village until a messenger comes bearing news of War!

The Bushi women march to battle and practice their fighting skills.

Enter the Warriors:

Their Spirits merge to defeat their Enemy:


Once the Battle is over, the Bushi women put down their weapons and return home to honor their ancestors through dancing at Obon.....

....And joyfully dancing with wagasa (parasol), sensu (fan) and silk:




See you next year at Santa Clara Art and Wine 2012!