Halloween 2006  Friday October 27 & Sunday 29, 2006

Two of the IndigeGals, Bahira and Fara'Asha, got to have some Halloween fun at two South Bay Area spots, The Bean "Scream" in Mountain View on Friday and Menara Moroccan Restaurant in San Jose on Sunday.  Both times, they performed their Gothic Duet, a spooky mix of bellydance appropriate for the witching hour dressed as masked Dark Sprites.  The Duet was performed to The Shroud's Black and Loreena McKennitt's Tango To Evora.  Bahira danced solo with fan to Desert Queen and Fara'Asha did a drum solo to I Cash Radii.


Above: At the Haunted Menara Mansion...notice the ghost light dancing with the duo!  Photos by Mandella.

Below: At The Bean "Scream" hosted by Lunatic Fringe's Paloma.  Photos by Michael Baxter.